Eleanor passed an mp3 along the other day of a duet she sang and recorded with 16 year old wonder child,  Piper Browne. Written by Jimmy Loundsberry and produced by Bradley Royds in Gloucester, MA, the song sounds more traditional than most traditional holiday music, but also more modern than most modern holiday music. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for 8 part harmonies and violin, but whatever - I'm Jewish and I still love listening to it. So, with the holiday season in full swing, I thought it'd be particularly appropriate to share with anyone who's interested. If you haven't heard it already on a few select Boston radio shows, feel free to download to it here.

Meanwhile, we're all taking a little break for the holidays to spend time with our families (or significant others' families), but we're looking forward to getting a good start out of the gate in the new year. Keep your eyes out for new videos, free downloads, and shows coming up soon. Hope you all have a great holiday season!