Cambridge Based Indie Folk Band Makes Its Recorded Debut

Six piece indie-folk music project, Magnolia, will be releasing their self-titled EP for FREE through Folkus Records. Led by singer-songwriter Dan Kaplan and longtime friend and guitarist Judson Abts, Magnolia has gone through several incarnations—taking twists and turns along the way. Starting out as a traditional folk, alt-country infused Americana band, Magnolia has finally settled on a sound that is all their own - the spot on harmony between Kaplan and vocalist Eleanor Halgren floating alongside Abts' soaring electric guitar parts and drummer Ken MacLeod's rhythmic foundation. Dan has described it as "more like what I've always wanted a band to sound like - taking pieces of all of our influences and ideas, and stitching them together in our own way to make something new, but still sound familiar - something that you can't quite place...In any one song that we've written, I can hear so many different things going on."

Garnering comparisons to everyone from the anthematic rock of Coldplay to the indie pop of breakout bands like Phoenix, Magnolia indeed wears many hats. Kaplan has remarked, "I’ve always been drawn to the idea of not being constrained by any preconceived ideas of what music has to be. The goal has always been to figure out how to break the patterns that are so easy [for me] to fall into - to constantly challenge myself to write better melodies, better songs". And with an extensive back catalogue already, including over 250 songs and a plan to release a full length album later this year, it’s clear that they're just getting started.

The EP was recorded at Wonka Sound just outside of Boston, and includes a more traditional arrangement of instrumentation along with violin and some other surpises along the way including a glockenspiel, full-sized orchestral timpanis, and even a toy piano.

The project is an ever evolving one, and has played in several states throughout its existence - sometimes in an all acoustic form with backing vocals and violin, sometimes as a hard hitting band with drums, bass and piano. Whatever form they take on, Magnolia has been playing at venues throughout Boston, getting some steady press buzz and a growing local draw.

The EP will be self-released and available for free on the Magnolia website. Download it here.

1. I Wanna Know
2. Empty
3. It's Not Over (Til I Say It Is)